Identification of the Quranic Philosophy of Imam al-Mahdi

لا إله إلا الله

Moral Universalism vs. Moral Relativism

The Declaration for Moral Universalism

We have not sent any Messenger except with the language of his people so he can make things clear to them (14:4)

If you have doubts about what We have sent down to Our slave, produce another sura/argument equal to it, and call your witnesses, besides Allah, if you are telling the truth. If you do not do that — and you will not do it — then fear the Fire whose fuel is people and stones, made ready for the kafirun. Give the good news to those who have iman and do right actions that they will have Gardens with rivers flowing under them. When they are given fruit there as provision, they will say, ´This is what we were given before.´ But they were only given a simulation of it. They will have there spouses of perfect purity and will remain there timelessly, for ever. (2:23-25)